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Awareness: 4 oz Tin Natural Soy Crystal Candle with a delightful blend of Cinnamon & Vanilla scent, Unakite & Lapis Lazuli Crystals with Jasmine Petals. Gift for Anyone! Traditionally Used for Smudging, cleansing rituals, & abolishing negative energies. Dissipate negative vibes and cleanse your aura with these white sage smudge tools. Inspires instant relief and a lighter feeling spirit. We All Could Use Some of That! Also included is one Rose Quartz and a Amethyst. Directions: Hold the bundle at a 45-degree point and light with a match or lighter. Let it burn for a few seconds and mildly blow it out. A little continuous trail of smoke should be left. Wave the smoke around your home, office, or any area to clear surrounding negative energies and invite peace into the space.

Maat's Spiritual Kit; lightness with Peace and Calm, also enlightenment

SKU: 4278436560561
  • Do not touch after lit. Keep away from kids and pets.


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