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Living a Clean Sex Life with Your Partner

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Your body is your vessel, once you proclaim your life with your partner, your body is no longer just yours. Everything about your vessel has to be kept to the highest level. Hygiene is the most critical dynamic of your vessel because you can create limits between you and your partner.

King- I'm no doctor, this is common sense

King, keep your nails clean and cut short. Wash your hands before interactions. Let me break down some science for you. There are many microorganisms under your nails that could cause your woman's pH balance to change and cause bacterial vaginosis in your woman's vagina along with other infections. This will cause a foul odour and an unpleasant irritation for your Queen. You can also harm the inside walls of the vagina, which will cause her some discomfort or pain if you do not keep groomed nails. Keep in mind Kings, the cleanliness of your nails plays a significant part in what your able to do with your hands sexually.

I'm not going to go into details about the most essential things you should know Kings, smell good for your partner, keep fresh breath, clean tongue and teeth, and keep your feet soft and clean. Now, this goes along with your vessel, shaving. Some women love a jungle around your falace, however shaving plays a significant role in the sensation for your penis and for your partner. You will be able to feel the the enhanced pleasure of your partner on a higher level and she will be able to experience the joy of the girth more from you. If you're going to shave, keep it up. Those little prickly hairs does cause some discomfort for the opening of the vagina and can cause her to have pain during sex. Also, those prickly hairs does cause discomfort during oral sex also. If you want to best out of both, your falace needs to be smooth.

Kings, eat better. You know when you want your woman do give you felacio, your seman has to taste and smell fresh for her illuminating scenes to swallow. When you ingest foods and beverages, your body secrets those toxins. I'm just trying to give you game on how to please your woman. Don't take offence, take this as advice from a woman.

Far as multiple partners, don't give your semen to just anyone. you’re releasing a lot of energy to those individuals. Once you release, your tired and you have giving that person a part of you that she doesn’t deserve.

Side note: Don't cheat on your significant other. When you do, you are taking in their energy and DNA as they are taking in yours. Your spouse will know the complexity in the energy exchangement that has occurred. So please be wise in your relationship. You don't want to bring in negative energy into your home. Be aware of your risk.

Queen- I'm no doctor, this is common sense

Your vagina is valuable, precious, and full of your juices. I say that to say this, take care of your vagina. You only have one. Keep it clean and fresh for your partner. If you want oral sex or no foul odour during sex, clean her out. There are products you could use other than douching. I would name them, however every woman's pH balance is different, so you will have to do some research on cleaning methods.

There is an area that is significantly missed by some females; pulling back the cliterous hood. This may be a daunting task, but it needs to be done. This are do expel Odor if not cleaned regularly. Once you pull the cliterous hood back, you may get stimulated due to wiping the build up around the cliterous. To make it fun, let your partner help. Your partner should be eager to explore your body.

Don’t be scared to learn your body. We as women need to understand the noises our body makes and why we get stimulated in certain areas when others don’t.

After sex, urinate. This will help with urinary tract infection that could be transferred during sex from bacteria. I have to mention that no science is set in stone on this matter, yet it may decrease the chances of it an infection.

A lot of men enjoy a shaved vagina. It decreases the odours during sex and after. You will get more head this way also. Queens, you will be able to feel the sensations of your clitoris rubbing up against his shaved phallus. Your orgasms' will come quicker and more intense.

This is just my take on the matter.

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