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Living in Love

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

When in love, you will learn how efficient your mind, body, spirit, soul, and your senses all play an intricate critical part in your growth and development in a relationship. All parts are inner connected to bring together a healthy relationship between two life partners.

We all try to do the right thing to bring joy to our partner; however at times, we fall short. You know when your partner is giving their all, and you're just giving minimum effort. The balance is uneven. To withstand social media, daily temptations, and friends who are not intune yet, you have to build durable will power, have faith in your relationship, and have daily prayer with each other. The power of temptations can be a motha fucka for the person who has not mastered self, yet impenetrable to the the one who has.

Increase your momentum; there is never a wrong moment to put your foot on the gas and show love and appreciation to your partner. Write love letters and leave them where they can find them, load them up with expressive (sex, passion, or a simple phrase) text, start a routine of waking up and remembering where you and your partner started from and think of all the things you had to overcome to be where your at, and never forget to see them. When I say "see them," I mean don't look through them or around them, look directly at them, into them, feel the emotions and feelings of them, see them for the person they are to you.

You can be your worst enemy in a relationship. The heart is a very delicate and unforgiving organ. Do your best to stay pure, honest and loyal to your partner. The pain may reside; the memories will always be connected to items, phrases, or the lens that links that memory to that event. Your partner will know when your routine has changed. This is the part where all the inner connections have to work in alignment to keep a healthy relationship.

Not communicating is your enemy, express safely and lovingly to your partner what's on your mind. Never hold back on how you're feeling no matter what it is. It's best to get it out in the open, so you and your partner can move on to live your better life without doubts and regrets. Don't miss your moment to open up. You don't want to wait till its to late.

Living in love is a glorious feeling when both are feeling the emotions of joy within each other. You have to do the work. Where I failed is letting the fairy tale, "Happily Ever After" play a role in my relationship. Don't be blind, thinking your partner isn't human and make mistakes. We all make mistakes. It will be a fight to get back what was lost. Your mind and heart have to be on the same playing field. As your mind and spirit deliberate together, through it all, their mistake will make you both stronger as people and to each other.

This is just my take on the matter.

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