Life's Plan

Building your platform takes time, laying out that foundation takes strategy, and structuring your structure take focus. Visualize your plan, brainstorm your ideas on paper, and if you have to write it over and over until you see it in a lens that is sustainable.

As my path is coming to focus, I have encountered the mystics of divine mental breaks, relationship illusions, and the task of finding who I am. The enlightenment to building one's road is a never ending struggle. The path is never the same. You may encounter a steady stream, that is clear and smooth. While on the next plan, you my come across rip tides and high waves that you can't seem to see past. However, you will be able to slowly settle the current. These are life's lessons that help build your life plan.

Life lessons are ruff drafts until you learn to maneuver those lessons to fit your script. Everyone learns differently, you can be a visual learner, someone who sees someone doing then you can imitate it until you understand it, You can be a learner who reads and understands what you read, or you may be a illustration with colors learner. How ever you learn, understand it to the best of you ability.

Be realistic about your plan. You know how you move throughout your day. Don't fake it like you want it, you have to be what you want.

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